80’s and Beyond Databases imports

We used to work on our 80’s and beyond databases to import them into here in our sci-fi action and beyond site, however with the latest develpment with all the covid-19 and a personal life problem we did not had anytime to get things going these days.

In a few days we might get things started again if all goes well and i got my good feeling back again.

so for now the databases might not work perfectly or some pages may not be working as of yet we are working on it.

Right now we are working on the cartoons 80’s database however we going to import the games database that is on our 80’s and beyond website also into the sci-fi action and beyond site with a little change into the details as i also had added some stuff that comes from the 00’s times so they will be removed and only 80’s games will posted only, maybe i will add a different database into here with the newest games from the 90’s till now., but we need to see if this is going to work for us.

So enjoy the databases we have here!

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